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InMateZ Club NFT Collectıon

Kraker's Island Prıson
Home of 10.000 Notorıous Crımınals Of The New World State
Home Of InMateZ Waıtıng To Serve Theır Tıme And Get Out To Become One Of The OutLawZ Agaın

Launchıng 12 November 2021 at 5pm UTC
Max Supply: 9465
per InMateZ

Mıntıng Sıte Lınk Below Wıll Be Actıvated on 12 November 2021 at 5pm UTC

Why Us

The Story of the New World State and Kraker's Island Prison

To understand the story of the New World State and the prison on the Kraker's Island, we need to go back many years ago, all the way back to dark, gory days of the great war...

The last great war, was surely the most devastating one history of mankind had ever faced. After 34 long years full of bloody battles, nuclear strikes, biological warfare and chemical attacks, the war did not seem to come to a stop soon...


Many died.. Many wounded.. Many suffered... Many were left an orphan...

Many borders were crushed... Many governments were collapsed...
Many nations wiped off of earth, never to come back...


We, the people of the world, were in disbelief.. We were in pain and agony..

We watched our homes turning into dust and ashes..
We lost our loved ones, day by day, one by one..


Something must have been done.. The war must have been stopped..


But how?


A group of idealists that call themselves "The New World Initiative" (NWI) had some ideas as to How? That one, big question..

They believed that the only way to bring order to the world once again and to prevent any future wars, was to establish a New World State..


A New World with a single collective governing body without any other one to declare war against..
A New World with a new decentralized financial system..
A New World with new universal laws..
A New World without any armies but with a single universal law enforcement agency, the Global Peacekeeping Force (GPF)...


Ideas of NWI quickly gathered a lot of supporters all over the world, or what has left from it..
Supporters including many active duty soldiers bruised and battered by the never ending war..
Supporters from lower level infantry to high ranking military officials..


All of whom questioning pretty much the same..
"What's the point of fighting when there will be no home left to return?"...
"What's the point of all that misery when there will be no motherland left to protect?"...


Just like a tiny sparkle turning into a massive fire, many soldiers started following the NWI doctrine..


And they denied fighting..
One after another.. At all fronts.. From all forces...


NWI prevailed eventually.. The New World State was established...


We, the people, were full of hope once again after a long long time.. we were hoping that there will be no more wars.. No more pain.. No more crying.. No more armies.. No more mass destructions.. No more borders.. No more kings or queens.. No more mad politicians..


We were brothers and sisters again..


The war was finally over but the New World State had a lot on the table to deal with..
The order had to be brought back in real means after 34 long years..


34 long years without enforcing the law on streets..
34 long years without a functioning penal system..

34 long years that filled still existing cities with violence and terror..
34 long years that eventually surrendered streets to thugs and criminals..


There were thieves, gangbangers, pimps and drug dealers on every corner..
Drug use was at its all time high... Serial killings were all over...
Shootings, robberies, thefts, rapes...


Behind all that was a single global crime enterprise which had worked its way up to the top of the underworld during many years of war..

A member's only criminals society of thousands of members...
An exclusive club of global criminals masterminded by Jimmy Pusslips...The Commander of the Underworld..


The evil genius of Pusslips managed to bring all kinds of criminals under one global organization for the first time history..

Rapists.. Thieves.. Serial killers.. Human traffickers...
Even drug cartels and the mafia...All under one roof..


Members of the club sworn to protect and help each other..

If a member needed someone whacked, there surely is another member who can do the job..
If a member needed some goods to be smuggled from the war zone, sure thing, another member would get it done..


The media called them the Pusslips Crime Syndicate (PCS), while on the streets, members of the club were known as the OutLawZ.


OutLawZ was one of many things the New World State inherited from the Old World but without any doubt, it was one of the first issues to be dealt with..
Perhaps, the biggest obstacle that stands between the State and the long awaited orderly days..


OutLawZ had to be brought to justice and locked down in a secluded place..
The crime must be vanished off of the New World State..


The State had to be precise.. They carefully planned.. discretely prepared...


A gigantic prison, like the Old World has never seen before was built on the secluded Kraker's Island, an island in the middle of nowhere once occupied by wild deers and many species of octopuses...


Now was the time..

The State was ready to bring the OutLawZ down..


One big offensive to get done with crime for once and for all...

An operation that would never stop until each and every member of OutLawZ is turned into justice and locked down in the almighty Kraker's Island Prison as one of the InMateZ.


The operation was kicked off by a raid to the mansion of Pusslips, located on Western Wastelands Districts of the State, an area once known as California in the Old World but completely destroyed by nuclear strikes during the war..

Pusslips was killed right on the scene..


Raids followed raids.. Arrests followed arrests.. Sentencings followed sentencings..
All sent to Kraker's Island one by one..


This is the story of Kraker's Island Prison..


Home of 10.000 OutLawZ brought into justice, serving their time as InMateZ..

Rapists, Killers, Organized Crime Leaders, Gangbangers..


Some of them are strong.. some are weak
Some of them are young.. some are old
Some of them have tatoos.. some don't
Some of them have a better cell with a window to watch the sky..
Some of them are lucky to have a bed in their cells to sleep on..while some have to sleep on cold stones..


One thing is for sure..

Each one of the InMateZ is unique.. And with just one thing in mind... serve their time and get out to be one of the OutLawZ again

How It Works

InMateZ Club NFT Collectıon

Kraker's Island Prison.. A gigantic complex built on wastelands by the New World State...

Home of 10.000 of the most notorious criminals of the New World...

InMateZ Club is a collection of 10.000 NFTs residing on the ETH blockchain

Each InMateZ NFT is unique, hand sketched, digitally illustrated and was algorithmically created by AI using 150+ different traits

InMateZ Club NFT collection is one part of the Pusslips Crime Syndicate Metaverse while the other part is the OutLawZ Club NFT collection, another collection of 10.000 NFTs..

(OutLawZ Club NFT Collection will be dropping soon after the InMateZ Club NFT Collection)

NFTs of both InMateZ and OutLawZ NFT collections will be used as characters on the Pusslips Crime Syndicate (PCS) NFT game, an online game taking place in 2 different worlds of the PCS Metaverse - "The New World State" and "The Kraker's Island Prison"  


Check "PCS NFT Game" page for more about the game


Benefıts of Ownıng an InMateZ CLUB NFT

Access to member's only Pusslips Crime Syndicate Board of Directors

Vote and direct the upcoming stages towards the game launch

Full Commercial Rights

Multiply Ownership Through Airdrops

5% of the total InMateZ Club NFT collection supply will be distributed to InMateZ Club NFT owners on 3 different Airdrop events

OutLawZ Club NFT Collection Rewards 

InMateZ Club NFT owners will be rewarded an OutLawZ Club NFT for every 3 InMateZ Club NFT they are holding 



30 Will Be Reserved for Early Community Giveaways

5 Will Be Reserved for Creators to be Used as Avatars

500 Will Be Airdropped Randomly to Holders

9465 Will Be Available for Minting


Roadmap (3).png

Pusslıps Crıme Syndıcate NFT Game


Pusslips Crime Syndicate NFT Game is an online game which rewards its players with random prizes varying from ETH pool airdrops to rare NFT collectibles

The game takes place in consecutive rounds taking place in 2 fictional worlds of the "Pusslips Crime Syndicate Metaverse" that are "Kraker's Island Prison" and "The New World State"

In order to play rounds of game taking place on "Kraker's Island Prison", at least 1 InMateZ Club NFT is required to be owned, similarly, in order to play rounds of game taking place on "The New World State", at least 1 OutLawZ Club NFT is required to be owned

Players/Collectors owning both InMateZ Club and OutLawZClub NFTs, are allowed to play in both worlds without having to wait while Players/Collectors owning NFT(s) from only one of InMateZ Club or OutLawZ Club NFT collections will have to wait rounds taking place in the other world

Rarity and different traits of NFTs will have an impact on character's strength in the game

After the activation of PCS Board of Directors functionality, InMateZ Club & OutLawZ Club NFT holders will be taking decisions, discuss and direct the game launch process by voting on important milestones


PCS NFT Game is currently being developed...More to follow... 


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